We Three Kings – Wake Up And Live

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#: R-2006-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 1/2 RPM) [Stereo]

Track List:
A1 Jesus Is Coming Soon (1:40)
A2 I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary (1:46)
A3 God Speaking To You (2:04)
A4 Sweet, Sweet Spirit (2:08)
A5 Onward Christian Soldiers (1:55)
A6 How Big Is God (2:36)
A7 He Filled A Longing (1:20)
B1 Wake Up And Live (1:56)
B2 Then I Met The Master (2:32)
B3 For All My Sin (2:32)
B4 Had It Not Been (2:17)
B5 Reach Out To Jesus (4:07)

Piano – Baynard Fox

Back Cover:

R-2006-LPS SIDE 1 R-2006-LPS SIDE 2

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