Tisha Todd – I Feel So Good About It

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#: R-2354-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 1/2 RPM)
Released: 1977

Track List:
A1 I Feel So Good About It (2:51)
A2 Jesus (He Is The Song Of God) (4:51)
A3 I Have Returned (4:53)
A4 Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul (4:05)
B1 Feeling At Home (3:10)
B2 God’s Wonderful People (3:15)
B3 Isaiah 55 (3:27)
B4 Bring Back The Springtime (2:55)
B5 Without Him (2:41)

Recorded at Rainbow Sound Inc

Backing Vocals – Bob Cline Singers
Arranged By – Marvin Montgomery

Back Cover:


One Comment on “Tisha Todd – I Feel So Good About It”

  1. Tisha Todd says:

    How wonderful to find this page. I have looked for something about Rainbow Sound for ages. I had hoped to find some of the tracs I recorded on my first album with you. That was when Bob and Barbara Cline had it….That first recording was the beginning of a journey the Lord has had me on for many years. I recorded my first album in the early 70’s…I wish I could find one trac that I did called Isaiah 55. It’s no longer around that I can find… thank you so much. That first weekend of recording was a dream come true. I also sang that same weekend at the Bronco Bowl with Bro. Howard Conaster.. What a journey I have been on. He has done exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ask or think. I have been blessed to do 2 more albums since that time and still travel and share my testimony thru word and song. thanks for being in a place that touched so many lives and opened the door for many to go out and share His good news! God Bless.

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