The Joyful Noise Makers – The Noise Keeps Gettin’ Joyfuller

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#: R-2442-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 1/2 RPM) [Stereo]

Track List:
A1 Jesus Is Mine (2:45)
A2 Learning To Lean (3:02)
A3 Fourth Man (2:06)
A4 Lighthouse (3:54)
A5 For God So Loved (3:02)
A6 Sweet, Sweet Spirit (1:59)
B1 Joshua (1:16)
B2 Rise Again (3:33)
B3 Everywhere He Went (1:47)
B4 Under Control (4:06)
B5 A Nation Under God (2:56)
B6 Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross (2:46)

Produced by – The Joyful Noisemakers and Rainbow Sound
Keyboards – Randy Trout
Guitar – Joe Rogers
Musical Saw – Jerry Rogers
Vocals – Joe Rogers, Jerry Rogers, Jackie Rogers, Betty Wake
Engineer – Don Woerner

Back Cover:

R-2442-LPS SIDE 1 R-2442-LPS SIDE 2


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