Pearl Wallace Chappell – Interlude: Poems I love

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#: R-1037-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 ⅓ RPM)

Track List:
A1 Prologue
A2 Pippa’s Song
A3 Twenty Third Psalm
A4 If The Fingers Touch Beauty
A5 Rain
A6 Tears Have No Color
A7 Stone Cutters
A8 No Substitute For Hope
A9 Blue Scruff
A10 To A Yellow Leaf
A11 Life Is Like The Sea
A12 Communion With The Soul Of A Child
A13 Serenity
A14 School Days
B1 Simon
B2 The Desert
B3 Easter
B4 Green Corn
B5 Labor
B6 Rondeau
B7 To A Red Bird
B8 Communion
B9 Value
B10 Prospice
B11 Epilogue


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