David Watson – Sincerely, David Watson

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#:  R-2497-LPS
Format:  8-Track Tape

Track List
1. My Tribute
Give Them All To Jesus
Somebody Told Me
2. Peace In The Valley
Joy Comes In The Morning
You’ve Got The Power
3. I Have Returned
Thank You, Lord
4. One Day At A Time
You’ve Got The Power
Learning To Lean


7 Comments on “David Watson – Sincerely, David Watson”

  1. jeremydiaz says:

    Is there any way to find this record or get a reprint to happen?

  2. Ian DeVaney says:

    Does someone from the label (or who runs this page) still have a copy of this album?

    • RUTHFAN says:

      Hi Ian, I run the site (as a fan site, not affiliated with the label). The label actually went out of business all the way back in 1982. I don’t think the masters exist, unless the artist saved them, and preserved them.

      • Ian DeVaney says:

        Too bad. Even if someone had a copy of the record that they could digitize, that would be cool. I had Watson as a professor and I want to hear what it sounds like. lol

      • RUTHFAN says:

        Keep an eye on Ebay. These recordings pop up there all the time.

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