Charlie Geller – Catch A Ride In The Wind

Label: Charlie Geller Concert-Outreach Ministries
Catalog#: R-2673-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 1/2 RPM)

A private pressing by Rainbow Sound Inc.

Track List:
A1 Born Again
A2 Have You Hugged Your Child Today
A3 Do What You Think Is Right
A4 On My Way To Colorado
A5 Keep On Keeping On
B1 Give A Hand
B2 Mountain Song
B3 Down in Colorado
B4 Thank You Jesus
B5 Catch A Ride In The Wind

Guitar – Charlie Geller
Lead Vocals – Charlie Geller
Chimes – Charlie Geller
Bass – Wally Cook
Lead Guitar – Marty Mauer
Backing Vocals – Brenda Hadley
Backing Vocals – Deana Hicks Krone
Kazoo – Evin Dugas
Engineer – Phil Allison

Back Cover:


2 Comments on “Charlie Geller – Catch A Ride In The Wind”

  1. Charles Geller says:

    Where is the original tape from catch a ride in the wind by Charles Geller ?

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