V-1001-LP   Jimmy Snelen – …Spirited Style
V-1002-LP   Jimmy Snelen – By Request
V-1003-LP   Dan Vestal, Joe Whitten – The Dan Vestal Story
R-1001-LP   Robert L. Nations  –  Songs From Me To You
R-1002-LP   Olen Massey – Rocking Chair Hymns
R-1003-LP   Jerry Spencer – Sing For You With Heart Of Fire
R-1004-LP   Jim Ponder – Looking For Him With Jim Ponder
R-1006 LP   Rocky Wheat & Glenn Whiteworth – Sings Gospel Favorites
R-1007-LP   Sonny Rios – Harbored In Jesus
R-1011-LPS Rocky Wheat And Howard Brooks – It’s A Wonderful Life
R-1013-LP   Don & Suzanne Martin – Overshadowed
R-1014-LP   “Little” George Havens  – Circuit Ridin’ Preacher
R-1016-LP   Singspiration Choir – Vol 1 Northway Baptist Church Presents Songs Of Inspiration
R-1020-LP   Darcie Hodges – Victory In Jesus
R-1021-LPS Jon Enloe – The Shadow Of A Cross
R-1022-LP   Jon Enloe And The Choralaires – He’s Everything To Me
R-1023-LP  The Desoto High School Band ‎– Swings Down The Street
R-1025-LPS Joey Calderson – Ten Thousand Years
R-1029-LPS Barry Woods – What Every Teen-ager Wants To Know
R-1030-LPS Bobby Smith With The Tremolo Trio – Songs Of Testimony
R-1034-LPS Leigh Rocke – Under New Management
R-1037-LPS Pearl Wallace Chappell – Interlude, Poems I love
R-1032-LPS Chuck Kennedy – His Way…Mine!
R-1039-LPS Rick And Chip Stalnecker – Get On Board With Rick & Chip
R-1041-LPS Ron Alexander – Sacred Concert
R-1042-LPS Bette Stalnecker – King Of Love My Shepherd Is
R-1043-LP   Bobby Mankin – Doomed By Dope
R-1045-LPS J.B. Betts And The Rainbow Trio – Sweet Little Jesus Boy
R-1046-LPS Steve Taylor – The Soul Of Steve
R-1048-LPS Kiestwood – Choir Favorites
R-1049-LPS Olen Massey – Somebody Bigger Than You And
R-1051-LPS Ferrell Brakefield – Use Me Lord
R-1052-LPS The Full Gospel Holy Temple Church Choir – This Is The Day
R-1054-LPS The Gospel Lights – Getting Ready Today
R-1057-LP  Joe Whitten – The Dan Vestal Story
R-2002-LPS Bette Stalnecker – A Symphony In Song
R-2003-LPS Richard Vaughn – Born To Serve
R-2005-LPS Winky Foote – Winky Sings “Happiness Is The Lord”
R-2006-LPS We Three Kings – Wake Up And Live
R-2007-LP   Freddie Gage – The Drug Epidemic
R-2007-LP   Freddie Gage – Drugs & Youth 
R-2008-LPS G P. Comer – Beyond The Sunset
R-2010-LPS Marion Warren – Victory In Jesus
R-2013-LPS Buddy Lang – Only Jesus
R-2014-LPS Hillcrest Baptist Church – Golden Anniversary Album
R-2015-LPS LaVoy Sims – Life Is Worth Living
R-2016-LPS Charles Massegee – Lucifer The Satanic Angel Of Light
R-2018-LPS Steve Taylor – By Request
R-2020-LPS New Hope Singers – One More Time
R-2021-LPS Tim Holder – Here’s My Life
R-2022-LPS Freddie Gage – Pulpit In The Shadows: The Story Of The Underworld Preacher
R-2024-LPS Bette Stalnecker – Revival Requests
R-2026-LPS Homer Martinez – When God Spoke Spanish
R-2027-LPS Johnny B And The Good Guys – Gospel Time
R-2028-LPS Bill Michael – So Big Is God
R-2029-LPS Bill Shaw – The Place Called Calvary
R 2031 LP  Sammy Tippit – Lonely Faces
R-2032-LPS Burt Weems – Revival Favorites
R-2033-LPS Country Pilgrims – Jesus Never Fails
R-2034-LPS Laurette Hammond – Blessed Assurance
R-2037-LPS Gospelaires – The Lord Has The Answer
R-2038-LPS Eddie & Alice Smith – Who Will It Be
R-2039-LPS Snelen Brothers – Sweet & Low
R-2041-LPS Connie Fry – Jesus Use Me
R-2042-LPD Jack Hazlewood – Jack Tells It Like It Is About His Life
R-2043-LPD Jack Hazlewood – Jack Tells It Like It Is About Drugs
R-2044-LPS Bob Gabriel – Does Jesus Care
R-2045-LPS Tommy Phelps – I Wrestled With God
R-2046-LPS Francis Larocque – Reaching Out
R-2049-LPS Ike Davis – A Way To Cross Over
R-2050-LPD W.A. Criswell – Old Time Religion
R-2051-LPS Ike Davis – Sweet Reality
R-2052-LPS Hampton Place Baptist Church Choir – Ye Shall Be Witnesses
R-2054-LPS The Sons Of Calvary – Better Times Are Coming
R-2056-LPS We Three Kings – His Love 
R-2060-LPS Dudley M. Hughes Quartet With Cheree Hughes & Marion Snider – Undo The Latch String
R-2061-LPS J.W Turney – He’ll Walk With You
R-2063-LPS Bill Michael – Walk With Me
R-2071-LPS Darrell Bledsoe – The Next Step… 
R-2073-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – Present Roger And Martha
R-2074-LPS Mike Gilchrist – Heaven On Earth
R-2077-LPS Young World Singers ‎– God Is Light
R-2078-LPS Gospel Lights – One More Time
R-2079-LPS The Philos – Praising His Name
R-2080-LPS Gospel Experience – The One Life To Live
R-2082-LPS Diana Temple – Diana
R-2083-LPS The Latinos – Ten Thousand Angels 
R-2084-LPS Dr. Robt H Wilson – Sunday Worship At St John Songs
R-2085-LPS Jimmy Hodges – Crusade Favorites
R-2087-LPS Royce Thornal – Royce Thornal Sings The King Is Coming
R-2088-LPS Gloria Henson – I’m Going Back To Calvary
R-2089-LPS Jim Tate – Let Me Sing
R-2091-LPS David Long – Anointed Piano Sounds Of David Long
R-2093-LPS Sam Allen – Singing I Go
R-2094-LPS Beverly Massegee – Sweet Jesus   
R-2095-LPS Jim McNiel – New Born Feeling  
R-2096-LPS We Three Kings – – To God Be The Glory
R-2098-LPS Ken Chamblin – From My Heart
R-2099-LPS Ron Caskey – In The Garden
R-2101-LPS Col. James Overton – I Walk With The King
R-2102-LPS Col. James Overton – “Live” At Lake Junaluska
R-2106-LPS The Song Masters Quartet – The Happy Sounds Of The Song Masters
R-2108 LPS Ridgecrest Baptist Church Choir ‎– The King Is Coming
R-2112 LPD The Gospel Echoes – The Fifth Part
R-2113-LPS Freddie Gage – All My Friends Are Dead  
R-2114-LPS Winky Foote – Do You Need A Friend
R-2116-LPS John Montgomery – Sings The Gospel
R-2117-LPS Royce Thornal – It Just Keeps Getting Better
R-2118-LPS The Chet Taylor Trio – At The Meetin’
R-2119-LPS Rev. Tom Potter & The Lamplighters – Dedicated To The One We Love…Jesus
R-2120-LPS The Harris Family – Give The World A Smile
R-2121-LPS Bob Gabriel – Turn Back My Child
R-2122-LPS The Solid Rock – Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
R-2123-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – Turn Your Radio On
R-2124-LPS New Dimension II – Jesus Made Me Higher
R-2126-LPS Beverly Massegee – Through It All
R-2127-LPS Bob Bynum – Hallelujah
R-2128-LPS Don Alexander – Sings Country Gospel
R-2129-LPS Joe Long – Joe Long Sings Jesus
R-2130-LPS Larry McFadden – My Tribute
R-2131-LPS The Sounds Of Salvation – My Tribute (To God Be The Glory)
R-2133-LPS Victory Temple Choir – I Will Sing Unto The Lord
R-2134-LPS The Kinisons – The Lord Is Blessing
R-2135-LPS Richard And Lauren Orchard – Beside Still Waters   
R-2136-LPS Connie Ware – To God Be The Glory
R-2138-LPS Great Jubilation – He Is Risen!
R-2140-LPS Jim Mcniel – The King Is Coming
R-2141-LPS Jim McNiel With The Bob Cline Singers – Travelin’ Man
R-2142-LPS Chip Stalnecker – Sonshine
R-2144-LPS Steve Taylor – Just Because
R-2146-LPS Vocal Ensembles Baptist Student Union – Hallelujah
R-2150-LPS Fred Doerge With The Bob Cline Singers – The Lighthouse
R-2151-LPS Connie Ware – Something Beautiful
R-2152-LPS Connie Ware – Sings Old Favorites
R-2153-LPS Doug Verbois – Get All Excited
R-2156-LPS Richard Vaughn – The Lighthouse  
R-2157-LPS Bob & Meri Gabriel – The King Is Coming
R-2158-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – We’re Not Home Yet
R-2159-LPS Bob And Vicki Bynum – Because He Lives
R-2160-LPS Chubby Morris – Take Me In The Lifeboat
R-2162-LPS The Singing Payne Family – What Heaven Means To Me
R-2163-LPS The Singing Payne Family – I’ve Found The Way
R-2166-LPS Paul Jackson – The King Is ComingR-2167-LPS Sam Nix – Expressions
R-2169-LPS Rickey And Wayne – Jesus Is The Answer
R-2172-LPS Sister Esserline Cole  – Every Time I Feel The Spirit
R-2175-LPS The Payne Family – Most Requested Songs
R-2176-LPS Payne Family – Originals
R-2178-LPS Mickey Vaughn – Mickey Vaughn’s Gospel Piano
R-2180-LPS Ed Seay – This Could Be The Dawning
R-2181-LPS Rene Monette – The Lighthouse
R-2182-LPS Luminaires – Almighty Friend
R-2184-LPS Gary Cornett – Slim Sings His Favorites
R-2185-LPS Mike Smith – King Is Coming
R-2187-LPS The Young Stalneckers – Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Free
R-2188-LPS Skip Fletcher – In Flight
R-2189-LPS Don Bounds – Singing Praises To My Lord
R-2190-LPS Bill Park – To God Be The Glory
R-2192-LPS Gospel Lights – God Walks The Dark Hills 
R-2195-LPS Bob Schroeder – What About You
R-2198-LPS Beverly Massegee – The Joyful Gypsy; The Life Story Of Beverly Massegee
R-2199-LPS Erick & Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”
R-2200-LPS Jack Sidmon – Oh How He Loves Me
R-2201-LPS Johnny Gonzales – Soft Sacred Sounds As Done By Johnny Gonzales
R-2203-LPS Terry Veazey – Jesus Made Me Higher
R-2206-LPS The Solid Rock – Something Beautiful
R-2207-LPS Jimmy Snelen – One Day At A Time
R-2208-LPS Darla Morgan – Country Sonshine
R-2211-LPS Wayne Lacava – One Day Closer
R-2212-LPS Alan Celoria – Because He Lives
R-2214-LPS Danny & Chris – Sing Gospel Greats
R-2216-LPS Sherry Blackwell – …To God Be The Glory
R-2218-LPS Bill Tharp – Didn’t He Shine
R-2220-LPS Denny Strand – Rise And Be Healed
R-2222-LPS Doug Dunagan – That Might Show Forth Thy Praise
R-2225-LPS Inspirations – To God Be The Glory
R-2228-LPS John And Vicky Bennett – Amazing Grace
R-2229-LPS Jim Kenniv – I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen
R-2230-LPS Luminaires – The Rose Of Sharon
R-2232-LPS Ed Wingfield ‎– Sings The Gospel
R-2233-LPS The Gospel Lights – Something Good Is About To Happen
R-2234-LPS Bo Deaton – My Tribute
R-2238-LPS Fred Doerge – One Day At A Time
R-2239-LPS David Kaps – The Unseen Hand
R-2241-LPS Beverly Massegee – That’s What Jesus Means To Me
R-2242-LPS Steve Stanfield – I Have A Song
R-2244-LPS Donna Neal With The Bob Cline Singers – One Day At A Time
R-2247-LPS Ambassadors Quartet – Come On And Ride This Train
R-2248-LPS McDonald & Pine Street Church Of Christ Choir – I’ve Already Been To The Water
R-2250-LPS Denny Strand – One Day At A Time   
R-2251-LPS Instruments Of Peace ‎– Lord, Make Us…
R-2252-LPS Gary Holder – Jesus, He Is The Son Of God
R-2254-LPS Bob & Joann Keith ‎– Take Me Back
R-2256-LPS Frank Algarme – Oh, I Need Him
R-2260-LPS Eddie Jones – Something Good Is Happening
R-2263-LPS Marv Martin – Gentle Spirit
R-2266-LPS Redmans – I Feel So Good About It
R-2268-LPS Duane Peterson – God Gave The Song
R-2272-LPS Alan Celoria – To God Be the Glory  
R-2273-LPS Margaret “Mac” Bishop – Sings “Sonshiney Day”
R-2274-LPS Parker Willson – I’ll Walk With God
R-2275-LPS Bob Schroeder – Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter
R-2277-LPS Tom And Patty Estes – To God Be The Glory
R-2279-LPS Tom Saunders – My Tribute
R-2280-LPS Randy Miller – Something Beautiful
R-2281-LPS Ron Johnson – God Gave The Song
R-2282-LPS Jim And Sandi Sheridan – From Our Home To Yours
R-2284-LPS Morales Brothers Quartet – Singing Praises Unto The Lord
R-2286-LPS Stephen & Theresa Wright – We’ve Come This Far By Faith
R-2288-LPS The Gospel Harbingers -Living In Canaan
R-2289-LPS Mike Lee – For Once In My Life
R-2290-LPS Wes Graham – God Gave The Song
R-2291-LPS Devon Hamilton – Favorite Hymns
R-2292-LPS Tony Gonzales – To All My Friends
R-2294-LPS Winky Foote – Say I Do
R-2296-LPS Danny Sinacori – It’s A Great Day  
R-2297-LPS Jerry Barnard – Most Requested Hymns
R-2298-LPS Rick McKnight – Free Indeed!  
R-2299-LPS Skip Fletcher – God’s My Captain
R-2303-LPS Donna Abel  – Praise His Name
R-2304-LPS Bill Robinson – Makes A Joyful Noise
R-2305-LPS Dan & Nancy Crouch – In Love With Him
R-2308-LPS Tim Bennett – I Am A Miracle
R-2309-LPS Bob Orme – Jesus, He Is The Son Of God
R-2310-LPS Keith Johnson –  More About Jesus
R-2311-LPS Jacksonville College Choir And Wind Enable 
R-2313-LPS Pastor Pickin’ – Erick 
R-2314-LPS Ed And Joannie Wingfield – Sharing Gifts From Above
R-2315-LPS Denny Strand – Gentle Spirit  
R-2316-LPS Renee Greenidge – Renee
R-2317-LPS Jeannette Haken – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
R-2318-LPS Bob Schroeder – Calm Assurance
R-2320-LPS Paul And Cynthia – Walking On Water
R-2321-LPS Eddie Piper – Eddie
R-2322-LPS Tami Jo Whitmire – Tami Jo Sings The Gospel
R-2323-LPS Marv Martin – Tell Them
R-2325-LPS J.P. Jones – Only Jesus Can Satisfy
R-2326-LPS June Wood – His Way
R-2329-LPS David & Philis – David & Philis
R-2330-LPS The Barnards – The Barnards
R-2331-LPS The Willmons – Dedicated To You
R-2332-LPS The Pattons Are The Crimson Bridge – Love Without End
R-2333-LPS The Gospel Harbingers – Family Style
R-2334-LPS Mildred Wynette – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2335-LPS Gary Lemberg – Paid In Full 
R-2343-LPS Marvin Harris – Christ Means More To Me
R-2347-LPS Bob Reed – Bob Reed Sings Thank You Lord
R-2349-LPS Bill Warren – He Paid The Debt
R-2350-LPS Marty Clancy – Total Gospel
R-2351-LPS Thomas Dubose – At The Name Of Jesus
R-2352-LPS Arnie Derksen – Because He Lives
R-2353-LPS Tom Wells – Tom Wells
R-2354-LPS Tisha Todd – I Feel So Good About It
R-2355-LPS Mobberly Avenue Baptist Church Adult Choir – More About Jesus
R-2356 LPS Bob And Vicki Bynum – Feelin’ At Home
R-2357-LPS Bob Spears – To God Be The Glory
R-2358-LPS Mike Trenton – Let Them Know
R-2360-LPS Mel Wilkins – One Day At A Time
R-2362-LPS Anthony Sazera – Let Them Know
R-2364-LPS Kay Gilbert – I’d Trade A Lifetime
R-2365-LPS Twyla Smith Brianne – Love It Comes In All Colors
R-2366-LPS Kim Russell – Thank You Lord   
R-2367-LPS Chuck Clopine – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2372-LPS Hugh And Carole Yarbrough – Up Town Gospel
R-2373-LPS Carl Barnaby ‎– Presents Songs Of Salvation
R-2374-LPS The Robert Keith Singers – Learning To Lean
R-2376-LPS Fred Doerge – Rise Again
R-2379-LPS Joe McGann – Because He Lives
R-2381-LPS Jerry Weatherby – I’ll Rise Again
R-2382-LPS Dianne Nanke ‎– Dianna Nanke
R-2383-LPS Jack Cannada – Just Feelin’ Good
R-2384-LPS Clif Phillips – One Day at A Time
R-2385-LPS Barbara Dewey – Whatever It Takes
R-2387-LPS Ted Davis – It’s My Desire
R-2389-LPS The Gospelaires – He Showed Me The Way
R-2394-LPS Dan Bartkow – All About Jesus
R-2396-LPS Char Barnes – To God Be The Glory
R-2398-LPS Paul And Eula Johnson – Let Me Touch Him
R-2399-LPS Maria Tolbert – Jesus Loves Me
R-2400-LPS The Christian Sons – We’re Going Up That Way
R-2401-LPS The Messengers – Songs With A Message
R-2402-LPS The Maranatha Repertoire Company ‎– Yours In Christ
R-2403-LPS Larry Pyle – It’s My Desire
R-2404-LPS Jim And Marcia Maldonado – In Love With Jesus
R-2405-LPS Eric Blankenship – Let Me Be There
R-2406-LPS Jorge Martinez – El Pueblo De Dios O Povo De Dios
R-2407-LPS Judy Tucker – Hello Jesus
R-2409-LPS Gary Holder – Whatever It Takes
R-2411 Gale And Glenda Kuns – I’d Rather Have Jesus
R-2412-LPS Rusty Coffey – Let Them Know
R-2413-LPS The Phipps Family – The Answer To It All
R-2414-LPS Beverly Massegee – Sweet Hour Of Prayer
R-2416-LPS Eddie Piper – Blessed Assurance
R-2417-LPS Tony Gonzales – Rise Again
R-2424-LPS Tim Chriestenson – Thank you, Jesus….Love Tim
R-2426-LPS Marsha Betts – Come To The Waters
R-2427-LPS Dennis Spencer – You’ve Got The Power
R-2430-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – The Dick Anthony Family Album
R-2431-LPS Char Barnes – It Gets Sweeter
R-2433-LPS Jim McKnight – It Is Written
R-2434-LPS Julie Warren – Jesus is My Melody
R-2435-LPS Mike & Hallie – Together
R-2436-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – The Dick Anthony Family
R-2439-LPS The Solid Rock – Greater Is He
R-2440-LPS Gary Ellis – Something Good Is About To Happen
R-2442-LPS The Joyful Noise Makers – The Noise Keeps Gettin’ Joyfuller
R-2443-LPS Rick Sundblad ‎– Rejoicing With Rick
R-2444-LPS Galen Setser – He’s Coming
R-2446-LPS Mike Trenton – Daybreak
R-2447-LPS Joe Jones – It’s My Desire
R-2448-LPS Ken McWain – One Day At A Time
R-2449-LPS Jacque Jordan – We Are Like Children
R-2451-LPS Dick Smith – Sings A Little Bit Of Heaven
R-2452-LPS Bob Minnis – Looking For Jesus
R-2458-LPS Twyla Brianne Smith – Twyla Brianne Smith
R-2461-LPS Bill Harrell – To Be Used By God
R-2462-LPS Kent Bowden – My Song, In The Key Of God    
R-2463-LPS Joe Howard – I’ll See You In The Rapture
R-2465-LPS Steve McCraw – Calm Assurance
R-2466-LPS Sarah Jo Franklin – Sarah
R-2467-LPS Carol Tate – Carol
R-2470-LPS Jim Kenniv – I Lost It All To Find Everything
R-2472-LPS The John Martins – Singing For Jesus
R-2473-LPS The Lupfers – The Lupfers
R-2475-LPS David & Amy – Break Forth Into Joy
R-2477-LPS Price Harris – Memories
R-2478-LPS Al Crocker – There Is A River
R-2480-LPS Duane Truitt – Let Them Know
R-2481-LPS Ron Britt – God Walks The Dark Hills
R-2482-LPS Lenee & Bob – Awake O’ Christian
R-2484-LPS Beverly Massegee – Suddenly The Light
R-2486-LPS Jo Ellen Place – My Tribute
R-2487-LPS Dennis Bliss – Moments Of Bliss
R-2488-LPS Bill Russell – Don’t You Think It Gets Sweeter
R-2492-LPS Jerry & Sandi – I’ll See You In The Rapture
R-2493-LPS Owen Anderson – Sheltered In The Arms Of God
R-2494-LPS Jerry Weatherby ‎– Born Again
R-2495-LPS Dave Bussey – Music To Live By
R-2496-LPS Sounds Of Faith – And I Cry Jesus
R-2497-LPS David Watson – Sincerely, David Watson
R-2498-LPS Gerri Gaston – He Will Provide
R-2500-LPS Jim Wellborn – Wellborn Again!!!
R-2501-LPS Doug Hullum with Brenda & Doug Jr – Country Gospel 
R-2502-LPS George Cavanan – One Day At A Time
R-2505-LPS Vernon & Ruth Ann Dean – It’s Our Desire
R-2506-LPS The Merits – A Brand New Touch
R-2511-LPS Harold Akin ‎– Sounds Of Light
R-2512-LPS Connie Allen Lytle ‎– Connie
R-2513-LPS Emissaries – Better Way
R-2514-LPS Mary Betts –  I Have Returned
R-2515-LPS Marsha Betts – Amazing Grace
R-2517-LPS Eddie Piper – How Great Thou Art
R-2518-LPS Bob Robinson – Let Them Know
R-2519-LPS Sue Stoope – Only One Life
R-2520-LPS Jan Smith – Lord, I’m Coming Home
R-2521-LPS Renée Madewell – Renée 
R-2522-LPS The Singing Mirelez Family – Cristo Cuanto Te Amo
R-2524-LPS Randy Miller – Jesus Is Still The Answer
R-2526-LPS Harvey And Judy Yocum – Mended Souls
R-2527-LPS John Bersche ‎– To Him With Praise
R-2528-LPS Sam & Donna Woods And Donna Bohannon – Come Unto Jesus
R-2530-LPS Dick And Diane Connor – Whatever It Takes
R-2531-LPS The Joyaires – Harvest Time
R-2532-LPS Char Barnes – A Heart Full Of Love
R-2535-LPS Glenys McDonald – As Unto The Lord
R-2538-LPS Donna Neal – He Was There All The Time
R-2542-LPS Guy And Barbara Kinney – Hallelujah, Praise The Lord
R-2543-LPS Full Life Ministries Featuring Shirley Rasmussen –  Jesus Says Follow Me
R-2544-LPS Gary Karoly – Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop
R-2545-LPS Bob & Donna Sue Berry – Feeling At Home
R-2546-LPS Charlie & Yvette Day – I Will Sing Unto The Lord
R-2549-LPS Bill Ross – How Can I Say Thanks
R-2550-LPS Gary Lemberg – Wanting More
R-2551-LPS Winky Foote – Learning To Lean
R-2552-LPS The Believers – Come Unto Jesus
R-2554-LPS Harry Crawford – Whatever It Takes
R-2556-LPS Louis Redd – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2557-LPS Jerre Burden – Personal Experience
R-2559-LPS The Blossers – Come Let’s Lift Up The Lord
R-2560-LPS Andy Bellows – Counted As Gold
R-2562-LPS Alan Celoria – How Great Thou Art
R-2563-LPS Bob Etters – Rise Again
R-2566-LPS Rose – Let Me Have A Dream
R-2568-LPS John Bowling – Reflection
R-2569-LPS Marvin Harris – God’s Amazing Grace
R-2570-LPS Milo Herrick – Milo Herrick
R-2574-LPS Heartfelt Praise – Song Of David
R-2575-LPS Jo Maddox ‎– He Was There All The Time
R-2577-LPS The Morales Sisters – The Morales Sisters
R-2578-LPS Duane Peterson – Tell Them
R-2579-LPS Susan Evanoff – Susan
R-2581-LPS Bo Deaton – Step Into The Sunshine
R-2582-LPS John Burke ‎– His Song
R-2583-LPS Linda Van Brunt – Whatever It Takes
R-2584-LPS Kevin McWain – Head Over Heals
R-2585-LPS South Jefferson Baptist Church – Heirs Of Redemption
R-2586-LPS Dave Ruiz – It’s My Desire
R-2587-LPS The Westernaries – Warm Family Feelings
R-2589-LPS Paul Laidlaw – Paul Laidlaw
R-2590-LPS Gary Valentine – He Was There All The Time
R-2591-LPS Jimmy Snelen – It’s My Desire
R-2592-LPS Johnny Speedling – With My Song Will I Praise Him
R-2593-LPS Stephanie Bashlor & David Cowart – God Be The Glory
R-2594-LPS Janis Russell – My Kind Of Country
R-2597-LPS Branham Dove – Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop
R-2598-LPS Lela Mayfield – He Touched Me
R-2599-LPS Lenn Roberts – Born Again
R-2600-LPS Jim Barlow  – More To Come
R-2601-LPS Mildred Wynette – I Am Loved
R-2602-LPS David And Timorah – Peace
R-2603-LPS Donna Abel – Jesus Is The CornerStone
R-2604-LPS Mildred Wynette – One Day At A Time
R-2605-LPS The Oak Cliff Choir Of Dallas – Sharing Jesus With Others
R-2607-LPS Lonny Bingle – My Little World
R-2609-LPS The Erwins – Homeward Bounds
R-2610-LPS Sister Gillentine – Stand By Me
R-2612-LPS Mike & Hallie – Praise The Lord
R-2613-LPS Jay Cue – First Time Out
R-2614-LPS Vernon & Ruth Ann Dean – More…
R-2615-LPS Grace Baptist Church Presents… The Sounds of Grace
R-2617-LPS Fred Doerge – I Am Loved
R-2621-LPS Larry McFadden – How Great Thou Art
R-2622-LPS Connie Reed – Joy Comes In The Morning
R-2623-LPS Gail McWilliams – Give Him Thanks
R-2624-LPS Terry Phillips – My House Is Full
R-2626-LPS John And Vicky Bennett – Sing Gaither
R-2627-LPS Mickey Mangun – Mickey Mangun
R-2628-LPS David Russell – Fiddlin’ Old & New Rainbow 
R-2630-LPS Doug And Judy – I Am Loved
R-2631-LPS James Wright – Tell Them
R-2633-LPS Doug Hullum – Testimonial Highlights And Songs
R-2634-LPS Jubilee Choir, Central Assembly of God, Austin TX – God’s Wonderful People
R-2636-LPS Cynthia Smith – Something Good
R-2637-LPS Doug Hullum – Crossed The Separating Line
R-2639-LPS The Bernards – The Bernards
R-2642-LPS Dave Decker – Step Into The Sonshine
R-2644-LPS Diane Hull – More Of You
R-2645-LPS True Life Singers – Amazing Grace…Thank You Lord
R-2646-LPS Phil Mendito – Feelin’ At Home
R-2647-LPS Char Barnes – Char
R-2651-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – Instruments Of Praise
R-2652-LPS Lee Castro – All In The Name Of Jesus
R-2654-LPS Earl McMilin – The Word In My Life
R-2657-LPS Don Bounds – It Began With Love
R-2658-LPS Don Nixon – God Gave The Song
R-2659-LPS Eddie Piper – Five Rows Back
R-2660-LPS Terry Veazey And Darby Worrell – Praise The Lord
R-2662-LPS Paul Halbert – It Wouldn’t Be Enough
R-2665-LPS Jacque McDonald – Jacque
R-2670-LPS Rusty Coffey – Traditional / Contemporary
R-2673-LPS Charlie Geller – Catch A Ride In The Wind
R-2675-LPS Pamela Galati – Pure Honey
R-2676-LPS John Bersche – Finally Home
R-2678-LPS Czech Harvesters – A Gathering Of Favorites
R-2679-LPS Bill Wagner – Love Comin’ Down
R-2680-LPS Eddie Ranne – Jesus On My Mind
R-2682-LPS Don Reasons – Don Reasons
R-2684-LPS Mike Trenton – Highest Praise
R-2686-LPS The A. Hugh Graham Singers – Spirit Of The Living God
R-2687-LPS Jim Wellborn – Special Delivery
R-2688-LPS Terry Bowman – I Just Want To Praise You
R-2690-LPS Jim Gerber – Jesus Is Everybody’s Everything
R-2695-LPS Jack Courtney – Memories And Meditations On The Old Violin
R-2696-LPS Mike Goucher – Mike Goucher
R-2698-LPS Christian Life Cathedral – Sing God’s Children, Sing!
R-2700-LPS Judy Doyle – My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
R-2701-LPS Peter John – Peter John’s Gospel Favorites
R-2702-LPS Dallas Christian College ~ Dallas Christian College Concert Choir
R-2705-LPS Dwayne & Susan Stone – He’s Coming Back
R-2708-LPS Bob Thompson – Jesus Means All The World To Me
R-2709-LPS Owen Anderson – He’s Alive
R-2710-LPS Louis Redd – Jesus On My Mind
R-2711-LPS Mountaintop – Prayer To Cry
R-2712-LPS Ken Wesson – Ken Wesson
R-2715-LPS Bethesda Community Choir And Orchestra – Majesty
R-2716-LPS David Russell ‎– Fiddlin’ You Asked Me For
R-2718-LPS Glen Valuet – Whatever It Takes
R-2719-LPS Diana Schindler – In His Image
R-2721-LPS Kingmen – Somebody Loves Me
R-2723-LPS Pablo Hinojos – Es Mi Deseo
R-2724-LPS James Garrett – True Love
R-2725-LPS Archie Dennis Jr. – Archie Dennis Jr.
R-2726-LPS Gladys Boquist – Feelin At Home
R-2727-LPS Boyd Bennett – It Gets Sweeter
R-2731-LPS Marcia Gehris – Whatever It Takes
R-2732-LPS Phyllis – Beautiful Rose Of Sharon
R-2736-LPS Rural Federation of Choirs, Terrell, Texas – My Loved Ones Are Waiting
R-2737-LPS Marv Fuller – Jesus Im My Melody
R-2738-LPS Ron Britt ‎– Rise Again
R-2739-LPS Eddie Piper – Highest Praise
R-2742-LPS David Stewart – It Is Well
R-2743-LPS Hank Bowker – Bigger Than Any Mountain
R-2744-LPS Jim Sunderwirth – In His Arms
R-2747-LPS Earl McMilin – The King Is Coming
R-2749-LPS True Life Singers – Heaven Came Down
R-2752-LPS Pamela Galati – Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter
R-2753-LPS Mike Goucher – Seeking For Me
R-2756-LPS Char Barnes – Home For Christmas
R-2757-LPS Jerre Burden – Personal Experience
R-2761-LPS Mark Cole ‎– One Day At A Time
R-2763-LPS Paul Wynia – My House Is Full
R-2764-LPS Shiryl Stanfield – Brand New Touch
R-2765-LPS The Berry Family – Singing His Songs
R-2767-LPS W. Earl Stovall – Whatever It Takes
R-2768-LPS Dallas Christian College ‎– Send Me
R-2770-LPS Johnny Ray Watson – It’s Beginning To Rain
R-2771-LPS Wes Cronk – Oasis Of Love
R-2775-LPS Frank Gorsline – Whatever It Takes
R-2776-LPS Brenda Lynn – I Thank You Lord
R-2777-LPS Shirley Rasmussen – In His Presence
R-2778-LPS Cynthia Smith -Free At Last
R-2779-LPS Frances Jordan – Born Again Believer
R-2784-LPS Richard Page ‎– Highest Praise
R-2786-LPS Margi Galloway – Let Me Have A Dream
R-2788-LPS Mickey Roper ‎– A New Song
R-2791-LPS Eldon Reich – Sing On His Praise
R-2793-LPS Don Biggerstaff – How Great Thou Art
R-2797-LPS Marion Felton – He’s Alive
R-2802-LPS John Peper – Special Delivery
R-2807-LPS Rusty Coffey – The Highest Praise
R-2808-LPS Marcia Gehris – Through The Eyes Of Love
R-2813-LPS Lois – Because of Whose I Am
R-2815-LPS The Erwins – One More Night With Frogs
R-2817-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaries – We Are So Blessed
R-2821-LPS Kyle Hargrove – You Gave Me Love
R-2830-LPS Jean Eudaly – Great Is The Lord
R-2832-LPS Joanna Lee – Like A Child
R-2834-LPS Ron Kenoly – You Ought To Listen To This
R-2835-LPS Darby – We Shall Behold Him
R-2836-LPS Sam Justice – Come To The Water
RR-3045-LPD Charles Massegee – Smile, Just For Fun
R-3600-LPS Juan Romero Con Los Galileos – Alborada
R-3700-L.P.D. Jim Aggie – How Can You Tell An Aggie
R-5000-LPS Galileans – Plenty Of Time
R-5001-LPS Francine Morrison – Sweet Sweet Spirit
R-5002-LPS The Singing Wards – In Convert
R-5003-LPS Gary McSpadden – 2 Sides Of God’s World
R-5004-LPS Bob Cline & The Bob Cline Singers – Something To Believe In
R-5005-LPS The Amigos– One Day Too Late
R-5006-LPS The Brothers “B” ‎– … I Made That Up
R-5007-LPS Francine Morrison – Standing On The Promise
R-5008-LPS Bette Stalnecker – Christmas
R-5009-LPS Lulu Roman-Smith – Now Let Me Sing
R-5010-LPS Lulu Roman – Personal Testimony of Lulu Roman
R-5011-LPS Gary McSpadden & Bob Cline – Something Old Something New
R-5012-LPS Bob and Melva Jo Lea Cline and the Bob Cline Singers – Christmas Time
R-5013-LPS Robert De La Torre – Joy In The Morning
R-5014-LPS The Bill Morris Singers – Descriptions
R-5016-LPS Sue Chenault Dodge – Sue Chenault Dodge
R-5017-LPS Francine Morrison – Rise And Be Healed
R-5018-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Mama’s Favorite Hymns
R-5019-LPS Bob Cline – He’s Coming
R-5020-LPS Jim Tucker – Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul
R-5022-LPS Bob Wills – God Gave The Song  
R-5023-LPS Gary McSpadden – Helleluja Maranatha
R-5024-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Some Old Songs
R-5025-LPS Amigos – Sinceramente Your Amigos
R-5026-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Jesus How I Love You
R-5027-LPS Lu Lu – One Day At A Time
R-5029-LPS Jim Wesson ‎– Calm Assurance
R-5030-LPS Patsy Sewell – At The Name Of Jesus
R-5031-LPS Darla Morgan – Little Country Church
R-5033-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Whatever It Takes
R-5034-LPS Dick Anthony – Sweet, Sweet Spirit
R-5035-LPS Paul Jackson – Let Them Know More
R-5036-LPS The Bob Cline Singers – Hallelujah Maranatha 
R-5037-LPS Lulu Roman – Love Comin’ Down
R-5038-LPS Theta Hall – Theta
R-5039-LPS Gary McSpadden – Unique  
R-5040-LPS Renée Morris – Sacred Songs
R-5041-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Jesus Is The Rock
R-5042-LPS Bob Cline And Jim Wesson – Gospel Classics Of The Decade
R-5043-LPS Jim Wesson – Country Gospel
R-5044-LPS Wanda Phillips – All His Love
R-5045-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – He Was There All The Time
R-5046-LPS Von Lombard – Take It To Jesus
R-5047-LPS Kim Russell – Kim Russell
R-5048-LPS Jim Wesson – New Kind Of Music
R-5049-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Jesus Means The World To Me
R-5050-LPS J.C. Hibbard, Sr – Who Put The Color In The Rose  
R-5051-LPS Becky Fender – Becky
R-5051-LPS Becky Fender – Peace In The Midst Of The Storm
R-5052-LPS The Bill Morris Singers – The Bill Morris Singers Live In Concert
R-5053-LPS Lu Lu Roman – Lu Lu Sings For Her Friends
R-5054-LPS Maurice Anderson – The Universal Direction
R-5055-LPS Jim Wesson – Jesus Is Everybody’s Everything
R-5056-LPS Theta Hall – Everything I Do
R-5057-LPS Jerry Wayne – Jerry Wayne
R-5058-LPS Becky Fender – If You Need A Touch
R-5059-LPS The Shoppe – Tryin’ To Get It Straight
R-5060-LPS The Shoppe – The Shoppe Live
R-5061-LPS Jack Price – Loud And Clear
R-5062-LPS Bobby James – All I Needed Was A Miracle
R-5063-LPS Jerry Wayne – A Velvet Touch
R-5064-LPS Becky Fender – Heaven’s City Limits
R-5065-LPS Bob Thompson – Each One Reach One
R-5066-LPS Jeanne Rogers – A Light Shining Forth
R-5067-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Behold The Lamb
R-5069-LPS Soul Liberation – Who Are You
R-5070-LPS Rhonda Robison – I Hear Music
R-5071-LPS Bob Thompson – What You’ve Done For Me
R-5072-LPS Jeanne Rogers – Jehovah
R-6061-LPS J. Daniel Smith – Rainbow Soundtrack Package  #36


R-2001-EP Charles Massegee – Just For Fun
RR-3002 The Visions ‎– It’s You I Love / It’s Been A Long Winter
RR-3005 Norva Gray – Kicking The Blues / Sam’s Song 
R-3400 Pat Bobbitt – Don’t Deny/Tonight
RR-4000 The Christopher Hayes Movement ‎– Tribute To Jimi / Crystal Mirror
R-5000-SP Mike Gilschrist – Discovery EP
R-5027-45 Lulu Roman – One Day At A Time/Come On Down
R-6000-X Bill Green – Champion Bourbon / I Ain’t Got No Worries
R-7000-MLP Candy Mix – Package No. 13
R-8002 Howard Lovette – God’s Wonderful People
R-8012-45-LPS Lulu Roman– Lulu’s Testimony/Love Lifted Me/LuLu’s Christian Radio Promo
R-8015-45-LPS Lulu Roman – How Would I Know
R-8017-45-LPS The Shoppe – Three Way Love/Livin’ In Your Lovin
R-8019-45-LPS The Shoppe – Three Way Love / Three Way Love
R-8020-45-LPS David Russell ‎– Sweetheart Schottische / Cotton Eyed Joe
R-8021-45-LPS Becky Fender – Livin’ My Life For You / The Solitary Road
R-8022-45-LPS The Shoppe – Star Studded Night/The South’s Gonna Rise Again
R-8100 Soul Liberation – Who Are You / Blessed
C-4000-X-1 Los Galileos – Cordero/Te Vengo A Decir




Sounds Of His Coming – Sounds Of His Coming
Ron Hammonds – He Touched Me
The Solid Rock – Part The Waters
Delbert Vest – Amazing Grace How Can It Be
The Solid Rock – Jesus Is My Music
Wayne Rapier – Wayne Rapier’s Testimony
Lamesa High School – Presents Newsong
George Cavanah – One Day At A Time
Truett L Huffstutler – Songs Of Wonderful Peace
Dan Dunagan – God Loves You And I Love You
Evelyn Forester – Perfect Peace: An Organ Concert
The Solid Rock – The Church Triumphant… Alive And Well
Charlotte Wilson – Charlotte Wilson
Andrea Halliburton – Soli Deo Gloria
Benny And Patricia – Just Him And Us
Sandra And Melissa Bates – Consider The Lilies
Los Gentiles – El Hombre Vive Triste
Jerry Burns – Heartfelt
Darla Morgan – Keep Looking Up
Boyd Bennett – Step Into The Sunshine
The Tysons – Born Again