Becky Fender – Heaven’s City Limits

Label: Rainbow Sound
Catalog#: R-5064-LPS
Format:  Vinyl  12″  (33 1/2 RPM)
Released: 1982

Track List:
A1 I’m Never Gonna Look Back (3:18)
A2 Share The Feeling (3:10)
A3 Heaven’s City Limits (3:01)
A4 Keep Tryin (3:09)
A5 Choose Who You Serve (2:04)
A6 I’m Gonna Change My Ways (3:09)
B1 He Gives You The Power (3:03)
B2 Serve Him (3:31)
B3 He’s That Kind Of Friend (3:27)
B4 That’s What He Is To Me (3:02)
B5 He Know Just How Much You Can Bear (4:09)

Recorded at Rainbow Sound Inc.

Piano – Whitey Thomas
Electric Piano – Whitey Thomas, J. Daniel Smith
Bass – Marc Jaco
Guitar – John Hooper
Drums – Michael Collier
Sax – Pete Brewer, Randy Lee
Engineer – David M. Boothe
Producer – Jim Grier

Back Cover:


One Comment on “Becky Fender – Heaven’s City Limits”

  1. Bernell Woods says:

    I have been looking for heaven city limits

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