Rainbow Sound Inc. Records History

Rev Charles Massegee Initially called Valor Records (circa era 1961). Rainbow Sound Inc was founded by Reverend Charles Massegee in 1962.  Reverend Massegee, a Southern Baptist evangelist, began recording church choirs and singers on location with his own portable equipment.  As the label grew and, business expanded Rainbow Sound Inc added a Studio and recording equipment.  In 1969 Massegee brought in Bob Cline as a full time engineer and manager at Rainbow Sound Inc. The labels continued to grow.  Between 1969 to 1971 alone Rainbow Sound recorded over 200 Gospel albums!  Rainbow Sound Inc became one of the first to make sound-tracts for Gospel singers to record with.  At the height of Rainbow Sound Inc. the label had over 4000 singers involved in their sound tract club. Rainbow Sound Inc. was sold in 1982 and under new ownership the label failed quickly.

Below is a ever expanding and correcting discography for the label Rainbow Sound Inc.  There are many releases I have not yet found, and many recordings I do not know the date of release for… if you can help, leave a comment.


39 Comments on “Rainbow Sound Inc. Records History”

  1. Lindi says:

    Can someone please let me know where I can get permission to copy an LP of the Luminaires, Almighty Friend onto CD for personal use.

      • Hello, My name is Rev. Daniel Smith. I was one of the 4000 track club members in the early years 79-thru 82, I have over 40 of your sound tracs, some of Jerry Wayne Bernard, Jim Wesson, Bob Cline. I have sung them all over the Midwest and west during my years as an evangelist in the Nazarene church. Now that I am retired I have begun to sing them again and they are still rich and popular to the folks I still get to minister to from time to time. They are old but timeless and almost new again. I love the rich musical sounds. The song, “When I Stand in the Presence of the Lord” is a real favorite of mine and I have used it in memorial services many times. I never had the money to make a recording, but I want you to know that I still love the music. I lost one of the tracks that was on Bob Cline’s album, “Jesus is still the answer”. I have heard many renditions but none like yours. Is there a way to get that track. I have all the rest of the ones off HIs, “He’s Coming” album. Thank you. My address is 1055 N. 5th Street, space 85 Jacksonville, OR, 97530.

      • wwlearp says:

        Thanks for the referral & vetting. And I’ll let the Kun’s niece (source of the cassette) know about these “ripples in the pond” as it were! Wyatt

      • wwlearp says:

        Boy, did I misread that! Glad I re-read it, as it’s not about my Kuns tape. That might be a little embarrassing to send an unsolicited copy!! Wyatt

      • cmassegee says:

        Good to hear from you. My wife still sings with many of those tracks. After I sold Rainbow Sound in the mid 80’s they ended up going out of business. I still have many of the tracks. My wife and I are evangelists and still on the road. In fact we are in Austin, Texas this week in a beautiful black church. I will check when I get back home and see if I can find that track. I am really happy you are still enjoying the track. If you have not done so you should go ahead and make some cds and digital copies of all the tracks.


  2. Jed Bennett says:

    Hi I’m Jed Bennett. I just happened upon your site because my parents made 2 rainbow records. John and Vicky amazing grace and John and Vicky Bennett sing gaither(R2626) If you need any info about them or their record you can email me. Thanks for this informative website!

    • Tim Whorton says:

      Wow, Good hearing from you Jed. I have your parents record John and Vicky Sings Gather. Your Dad gave it to me back in 1980. Hope they are both well. I have not seen them since 1980 when I was living in Neosho Missouri. Are their album available on CD? Your Dad helped me when I was down on my luck back in 1980. Such a good person. He got me a job painting a sign for “Charlies B-Line Service” in Joplin. He helped restore my faith in God and I love him for that. I never meet your mom but talked with her on the phone once. I heard about your dad being in an accident. Hope he fully recovered.I never had the album Amazing Grace. Hope to pick it up someday. I keep looking on ebay. Email me when you can. I can be found at timwhorton@yahoo.com Looking forward to hearing from you. Tell your parents, I have been thinking of them often. I have no forwarding address or phone number for them.


  3. Ray von Flüe says:

    I have a record that you don’t have listed. R-2756-LPS Stereo, Char Barnes, Home for Christmas. The track listing is: Side One, 1. White Christmas (3:32), 2. O’ Little Town of Bethlehem (3:00), 3. Away in a Manger (1:46), 4. Christmas Song (4:00), 5. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (3:42), Side Two, 1. Christmas Lullaby (3:15), 2. O Holy Night (4:05), 3. O Come All Ye Faithful (2:50), 4. Come On Ring Those Bells (2:29), 5. Silent Night (3:33) Personnel: Becky Scherschell – Harp, Marshall Head – Woodwinds, Don Smith – Keyboards, Keith Rust – Engineer, D. Willingham – Art Design. For more info: Char Barnes, P.O. Box 246, Klamath CA 95548.

  4. I pastor a Baptist church in Summerville, SC and have had the good fortune of both working with and keeping 5 cassette recordings of Rev. Rusty Coffey, 2 of which were recorded at Rainbow studios back in the middle 70’s. They are #s R-2679 and R-2807. My church would like to purchase the background accompaniment music to these tapes for our platform solos. Rev. Coffey is no longer in the ministry and has since moved to another state. Can you help in this effort? Thank-you, Pastor Richard Bello. rbe202@gmail.com.

    • RUTHFAN says:

      Greetings Pastor Bello

      Regretfully I can’t help you!! I am doing this site strictly as a fan of 70’s gospel music. I have no actual contact with any of the artists or representative of Rainbow Sound Inc. Rainbow Sound was run by Charles Massegee until he sold the company in the early 80’s. The company went out of business shortly after that. From what I have read Mr. Massegee is still alive and active in ministry in Texas. My guess is he would know the status of the accompaniment music. But given the fact that Rainbow Sound has been out of business for over 30 years I doubt there is anything available.

  5. Lonny Bingle says:

    I am one of the artists listed if you would like more information.

  6. Andrew says:

    Do you have any additional information on recordings by Bill and Jeannette Haken?
    I’m trying to find the song “Run Samson Run” sung by them. The only Haken record you have listed on the site is “Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus”.

    Any additional info would be great!
    Thank you,

  7. When a pastor in SC told me about this fan website for Rainbow Sound Records, I was surprised and greatly humbled and honored. I’m Charles Massegee founder and owner of Rainbow Sound from 1963 to 1982. Our first record actually was in 1961. At that time we called the label Valor Records. The first album was of my singer who traveled with me at that time, Jimmy Snelen, and the title was Sweet and Low. Seeing all these albums brings back many precious memories. As far as I know we were the first to make sound tracks and make them available to the public.

    • RUTHFAN says:

      Thank you for writing, and thank you for all the great music. I got the idea of starting this page while browsing Southern Gospel History web page (http://www.sghistory.com/index.php) and noticed that there wasn’t that many Gospel albums by Rainbow Sound listed on it. So I took matters into my own hand and started organizing what I knew about the label, browsing libraries, eBay, and Amazon…. and, here we are! I made my own page.

      I love the rich sound of Gospel music. Particularly during the 1970’s. I am pleased and honored that you enjoyed the site!

      • Thanks for the reply. We did have our own sound in the 70’s. An unusually build studio that we specially designed had much to do with it, and then too, at that time we had the most up-to-date and best equipment that we knew about. In addition Bob Cline was the very best in arrangements and productions. He should get most of the credit for the sound.

  8. Judy says:

    I recently found an album in my mothers precious belongings. It is “Doug Dunagan …that I might show forth Thy praise …with the Bob Cline Singers”. probably recorded in 1975. I was interested in locating Doug Dunagan or someone with info to share with me. I am curious to see if he is related to my family. Thanks for any info provided.

  9. Patricia Barnard says:

    I have a record recorded by Bill Russell by Rainbow. There is a song on there titled “Tell Them” D you know anywhere I could find the music and words for this song?

  10. Steve says:

    Curious about Bob Cline. I worked with him at a bank in the mid 80’s . He talked fondly about his days at Rainbow Sound and he even gave me on of their albums. Sadly, it got lost in a move. Is he still around?

  11. Peggy Patrick says:

    I want to purchase a disc of More of You by Diane Hullo. My tapes is so old, I am afraid to put it into the recorder. I was at Camp of the Woods when Diane performed. I purchased her tape and have been listening to it over and over. But have been afraid to use it now for a long time because it may break in machine. Can any one help with info where I can purchase the disc of “More of You.”

  12. Peggy Patrick says:

    OOPS. I mistyped the name Hull with Hullo in the previous comment. Sorry. Can anyone help me find a disc of Diane Hull singing those beautiful songs on “More of You.”

  13. Hal Bloss says:

    Do you know if Bob Gabriel is still around? I would appreciate any contact info you might have for him.

    • RUTHFAN says:

      This is just a fan site for the label. I have no contact with the artists.

      • I have not heard from Bob in 20 years. Last I head he was in CA. Sorry.


      • Hal says:

        Thanks Charles. That’s about 20 years more recent than I have heard from him. I lost track of him in the late ’70s. I found some of his EIGHT TRACK TAPES today in storage. Ha. Made me wonder if Rainbow was still around.


        Sent from my iPhone


  14. Ruth Johnson-Pirie says:

    Searching for info on Thomas DuBose and found this lovely sight Thanks RUTHFAN and Charles Massagee.
    Thomas DuBose visited us in Sweden in the 70’s. I can’t seem to find any other recordings transfers from LP to a CD. If anyone knows of one let me know. Also I wonder if he might still be alive and if so his whereabouts?

  15. I was the Chief Engineer at Rainbow Sound from July, 1978 until September, 1984. During that period I did many of the “track” albums (those using Rainbow’s prerecorded tracks), most of the custom albums, and all of the original recording and mixing of the instrumental tracks. I probably recorded and/or mixed about 500 albums in that 6 year period.

    Among others, I recorded Becky Fender, Jerry Wayne Bernard, Bord Bennett, Soul Liberation, The Shoppe, and many of the albums listed on the discography page.

    In 1979, Rainbow moved the studios and offices from the location on Irving Blvd to 1320 Inwood Rd. The pressing plant remained on Irving Blvd. In 1984, I quit Rainbow and went freelance but continued to work there until the company ceased operations in 1985. After that, the facility was subleased by Charlie Brown for his company, Fourth Day Music. I also did some mixing for Charlie in the (formerly) Rainbow Studio.


  16. Donna Wilson says:

    I wanted to let you know that I have a good recording of a rainbow record. Ten thousand Angels by Joey calderson and the rainbow trio.

  17. Danny Dominguez says:

    Christian greetings…Could some one tell me how to get the SOUNDTRACK of STEP INTO THE SUNSHINE By RAINBOW SOUND INC… It used to be sold in local Christian bookstores but now it’s hard to find it….or if some one could make me a copy, if you have that soundtrack….I’d sure appreciate it…you can email me or call me too (225)335-1603. Thanks and God bless!

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