Rainbow Sound Inc. Records History

Rev Charles Massegee Initially called Valor Records (circa era 1961). Rainbow Sound Inc was founded by Reverend Charles Massegee in 1962.  Reverend Massegee, a Southern Baptist evangelist, began recording church choirs and singers on location with his own portable equipment.  As the label grew and, business expanded Rainbow Sound Inc added a Studio and recording equipment.  In 1969 Massegee brought in Bob Cline as a full time engineer and manager at Rainbow Sound Inc. The labels continued to grow.  Between 1969 to 1971 alone Rainbow Sound recorded over 200 Gospel albums!  Rainbow Sound Inc became one of the first to make sound-tracts for Gospel singers to record with.  At the height of Rainbow Sound Inc. the label had over 4000 singers involved in their sound tract club. Rainbow Sound Inc. was sold in 1982 and under new ownership the label failed quickly.

Below is a ever expanding and correcting discography for the label Rainbow Sound Inc.  There are many releases I have not yet found, and many recordings I do not know the date of release for… if you can help, leave a comment.



V-1001-LP   Jimmy Snelen – …Spirited Style
V-1002-LP   Jimmy Snelen – By Request
V-1003-LP   Dan Vestal, Joe Whitten – The Dan Vestal Story
R-1001-LP   Robert L. Nations  –  Songs From Me To You
R-1002-LP   Olen Massey – Rocking Chair Hymns
R-1003-LP   Jerry Spencer – Sing For You With Heart Of Fire
R-1004-LP   Jim Ponder – Looking For Him With Jim Ponder
R-1006 LP   Rocky Wheat & Glenn Whiteworth – Sings Gospel Favorites
R-1007-LP   Sonny Rios – Harbored In Jesus
R-1011-LPS Rocky Wheat And Howard Brooks – It’s A Wonderful Life
R-1013-LP   Don & Suzanne Martin – Overshadowed
R-1014-LP   “Little” George Havens  – Circuit Ridin’ Preacher
R-1016-LP   Singspiration Choir – Vol 1 Northway Baptist Church Presents Songs Of Inspiration
R-1020-LP   Darcie Hodges – Victory In Jesus
R-1021-LPS Jon Enloe – The Shadow Of A Cross
R-1022-LP   Jon Enloe And The Choralaires – He’s Everything To Me
R-1023-LP  The Desoto High School Band ‎– Swings Down The Street
R-1025-LPS Joey Calderson – Ten Thousand Years
R-1029-LPS Barry Woods – What Every Teen-ager Wants To Know
R-1030-LPS Bobby Smith With The Tremolo Trio – Songs Of Testimony
R-1034-LPS Leigh Rocke – Under New Management
R-1037-LPS Pearl Wallace Chappell – Interlude, Poems I love
R-1032-LPS Chuck Kennedy – His Way…Mine!
R-1039-LPS Rick And Chip Stalnecker – Get On Board With Rick & Chip
R-1041-LPS Ron Alexander – Sacred Concert
R-1042-LPS Bette Stalnecker – King Of Love My Shepherd Is
R-1043-LP   Bobby Mankin – Doomed By Dope
R-1045-LPS J.B. Betts And The Rainbow Trio – Sweet Little Jesus Boy
R-1046-LPS Steve Taylor – The Soul Of Steve
R-1048-LPS Kiestwood – Choir Favorites
R-1049-LPS Olen Massey – Somebody Bigger Than You And
R-1051-LPS Ferrell Brakefield – Use Me Lord
R-1052-LPS The Full Gospel Holy Temple Church Choir – This Is The Day
R-1054-LPS The Gospel Lights – Getting Ready Today
R-1057-LP  Joe Whitten – The Dan Vestal Story
R-2002-LPS Bette Stalnecker – A Symphony In Song
R-2003-LPS Richard Vaughn – Born To Serve
R-2005-LPS Winky Foote – Winky Sings “Happiness Is The Lord”
R-2006-LPS We Three Kings – Wake Up And Live
R-2007-LP   Freddie Gage – The Drug Epidemic
R-2007-LP   Freddie Gage – Drugs & Youth 
R-2008-LPS G P. Comer – Beyond The Sunset
R-2010-LPS Marion Warren – Victory In Jesus
R-2013-LPS Buddy Lang – Only Jesus
R-2014-LPS Hillcrest Baptist Church – Golden Anniversary Album
R-2015-LPS LaVoy Sims – Life Is Worth Living
R-2016-LPS Charles Massegee – Lucifer The Satanic Angel Of Light
R-2018-LPS Steve Taylor – By Request
R-2020-LPS New Hope Singers – One More Time
R-2021-LPS Tim Holder – Here’s My Life
R-2022-LPS Freddie Gage – Pulpit In The Shadows: The Story Of The Underworld Preacher
R-2024-LPS Bette Stalnecker – Revival Requests
R-2026-LPS Homer Martinez – When God Spoke Spanish
R-2027-LPS Johnny B And The Good Guys – Gospel Time
R-2028-LPS Bill Michael – So Big Is God
R-2029-LPS Bill Shaw – The Place Called Calvary
R 2031 LP  Sammy Tippit – Lonely Faces
R-2032-LPS Burt Weems – Revival Favorites
R-2033-LPS Country Pilgrims – Jesus Never Fails
R-2034-LPS Laurette Hammond – Blessed Assurance
R-2037-LPS Gospelaires – The Lord Has The Answer
R-2038-LPS Eddie & Alice Smith – Who Will It Be
R-2039-LPS Snelen Brothers – Sweet & Low
R-2041-LPS Connie Fry – Jesus Use Me
R-2042-LPD Jack Hazlewood – Jack Tells It Like It Is About His Life
R-2043-LPD Jack Hazlewood – Jack Tells It Like It Is About Drugs
R-2044-LPS Bob Gabriel – Does Jesus Care
R-2045-LPS Tommy Phelps – I Wrestled With God
R-2046-LPS Francis Larocque – Reaching Out
R-2049-LPS Ike Davis – A Way To Cross Over
R-2050-LPD W.A. Criswell – Old Time Religion
R-2051-LPS Ike Davis – Sweet Reality
R-2052-LPS Hampton Place Baptist Church Choir – Ye Shall Be Witnesses
R-2054-LPS The Sons Of Calvary – Better Times Are Coming
R-2056-LPS We Three Kings – His Love 
R-2061-LPS J.W Turney – He’ll Walk With You
R-2063-LPS Bill Michael – Walk With Me
R-2071-LPS Darrell Bledsoe – The Next Step… 
R-2073-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – Present Roger And Martha
R-2074-LPS Mike Gilchrist – Heaven On Earth
R-2077-LPS Young World Singers ‎– God Is Light
R-2079-LPS The Philos – Praising His Name
R-2080-LPS Gospel Experience – The One Life To Live
R-2082-LPS Diana Temple – Diana
R-2083-LPS The Latinos – Ten Thousand Angels 
R-2084-LPS Dr. Robt H Wilson – Sunday Worship At St John Songs
R-2085-LPS Jimmy Hodges – Crusade Favorites
R-2087-LPS Royce Thornal – Royce Thornal Sings The King Is Coming
R-2088-LPS Gloria Henson – I’m Going Back To Calvary
R-2089-LPS Jim Tate – Let Me Sing
R-2091-LPS David Long – Anointed Piano Sounds Of David Long
R-2093-LPS Sam Allen – Singing I Go
R-2094-LPS Beverly Massegee – Sweet Jesus   
R-2095-LPS Jim McNiel – New Born Feeling  
R-2096-LPS We Three Kings – To God Be The Glory
R-2098-LPS Ken Chamblin – From My Heart
R-2099-LPS Ron Caskey – In The Garden
R-2101-LPS Col. James Overton – I Walk With The King
R-2102-LPS Col. James Overton – “Live” At Lake Junaluska
R-2106-LPS The Song Masters Quartet – The Happy Sounds Of The Song Masters
R-2108 LPS Ridgecrest Baptist Church Choir ‎– The King Is Coming
R-2112 LPD The Gospel Echoes – The Fifth Part
R-2113-LPS Freddie Gage – All My Friends Are Dead  
R-2114-LPS Winky Foote – Do You Need A Friend
R-2116-LPS John Montgomery – Sings The Gospel
R-2117-LPS Royce Thornal – It Just Keeps Getting Better
R-2118-LPS The Chet Taylor Trio – At The Meetin’
R-2119-LPS Rev. Tom Potter & The Lamplighters – Dedicated To The One We Love…Jesus
R-2120-LPS The Harris Family – Give The World A Smile
R-2121-LPS Bob Gabriel – Turn Back My Child
R-2122-LPS The Solid Rock – Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
R-2123-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – Turn Your Radio On
R-2124-LPS New Dimension II – Jesus Made Me Higher
R-2126-LPS Beverly Massegee – Through It All
R-2127-LPS Bob Bynum – Hallelujah
R-2128-LPS Don Alexander – Sings Country Gospel
R-2129-LPS Joe Long – Joe Long Sings Jesus
R-2130-LPS Larry McFadden – My Tribute
R-2131-LPS The Sounds Of Salvation – My Tribute (To God Be The Glory)
R-2133-LPS Victory Temple Choir – I Will Sing Unto The Lord
R-2134-LPS The Kinisons – The Lord Is Blessing
R-2135-LPS Richard And Lauren Orchard – Beside Still Waters   
R-2136-LPS Connie Ware – To God Be The Glory
R-2138-LPS Great Jubilation – He Is Risen!
R-2140-LPS Jim Mcniel – The King Is Coming
R-2141-LPS Jim McNiel With The Bob Cline Singers – Travelin’ Man
R-2142-LPS Chip Stalnecker – Sonshine
R-2144-LPS Steve Taylor – Just Because
R-2146-LPS Vocal Ensembles Baptist Student Union – Hallelujah
R-2150-LPS Fred Doerge With The Bob Cline Singers – The Lighthouse
R-2151-LPS Connie Ware – Something Beautiful
R-2152-LPS Connie Ware – Sings Old Favorites
R-2153-LPS Doug Verbois – Get All Excited
R-2156-LPS Richard Vaughn – The Lighthouse  
R-2157-LPS Bob & Meri Gabriel – The King Is Coming
R-2158-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaires – We’re Not Home Yet
R-2159-LPS Bob And Vicki Bynum – Because He Lives
R-2160-LPS Chubby Morris – Take Me In The Lifeboat
R-2162-LPS The Singing Payne Family – What Heaven Means To Me
R-2163-LPS The Singing Payne Family – I’ve Found The Way
R-2166-LPS Paul Jackson – The King Is ComingR-2167-LPS Sam Nix – Expressions
R-2169-LPS Rickey And Wayne – Jesus Is The Answer
R-2172-LPS Sister Esserline Cole  – Every Time I Feel The Spirit
R-2175-LPS The Payne Family – Most Requested Songs
R-2176-LPS Payne Family – Originals
R-2178-LPS Mickey Vaughn – Mickey Vaughn’s Gospel Piano
R-2180-LPS Ed Seay – This Could Be The Dawning
R-2181-LPS Rene Monette – The Lighthouse
R-2182-LPS Luminaires – Almighty Friend
R-2184-LPS Gary Cornett – Slim Sings His Favorites
R-2185-LPS Mike Smith – King Is Coming
R-2187-LPS The Young Stalneckers – Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Free
R-2188-LPS Skip Fletcher – In Flight
R-2189-LPS Don Bounds – Singing Praises To My Lord
R-2190-LPS Bill Park – To God Be The Glory
R-2192-LPS Gospel Lights – God Walks The Dark Hills 
R-2195-LPS Bob Schroeder – What About You
R-2198-LPS Beverly Massegee – The Joyful Gypsy; The Life Story Of Beverly Massegee
R-2199-LPS Erick & Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”
R-2200-LPS Jack Sidmon – Oh How He Loves Me
R-2201-LPS Johnny Gonzales – Soft Sacred Sounds As Done By Johnny Gonzales
R-2203-LPS Terry Veazey – Jesus Made Me Higher
R-2206-LPS The Solid Rock – Something Beautiful
R-2207-LPS Jimmy Snelen – One Day At A Time
R-2208-LPS Darla Morgan – Country Sonshine
R-2211-LPS Wayne Lacava – One Day Closer
R-2212-LPS Alan Celoria – Because He Lives
R-2214-LPS Danny & Chris – Sing Gospel Greats
R-2216-LPS Sherry Blackwell – …To God Be The Glory
R-2218-LPS Bill Tharp – Didn’t He Shine
R-2220-LPS Denny Strand – Rise And Be Healed
R-2222-LPS Doug Dunagan – That Might Show Forth Thy Praise
R-2225-LPS Inspirations – To God Be The Glory
R-2228-LPS John And Vicky Bennett – Amazing Grace
R-2229-LPS Jim Kenniv – I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen
R-2230-LPS Luminaires – The Rose Of Sharon
R-2232-LPS Ed Wingfield ‎– Sings The Gospel
R-2234-LPS Bo Deaton – My Tribute
R-2238-LPS Fred Doerge – One Day At A Time
R-2239-LPS David Kaps – The Unseen Hand
R-2241-LPS Beverly Massegee – That’s What Jesus Means To Me
R-2242-LPS Steve Stanfield – I Have A Song
R-2244-LPS Donna Neal With The Bob Cline Singers – One Day At A Time
R-2247-LPS Ambassadors Quartet – Come On And Ride This Train
R-2248-LPS McDonald & Pine Street Church Of Christ Choir – I’ve Already Been To The Water
R-2250-LPS Denny Strand – One Day At A Time   
R-2251-LPS Instruments Of Peace ‎– Lord, Make Us…
R-2252-LPS Gary Holder – Jesus, He Is The Son Of God
R-2254-LPS Bob & Joann Keith ‎– Take Me Back
R-2256-LPS Frank Algarme – Oh, I Need Him
R-2260-LPS Eddie Jones – Something Good Is Happening
R-2263-LPS Marv Martin – Gentle Spirit
R-2266-LPS Redmans – I Feel So Good About It
R-2268-LPS Duane Peterson – God Gave The Song
R-2272-LPS Alan Celoria – To God Be the Glory  
R-2273-LPS Margaret “Mac” Bishop – Sings “Sonshiney Day”
R-2274-LPS Parker Willson – I’ll Walk With God
R-2275-LPS Bob Schroeder – Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter
R-2277-LPS Tom And Patty Estes – To God Be The Glory
R-2279-LPS Tom Saunders – My Tribute
R-2280-LPS Randy Miller – Something Beautiful
R-2281-LPS Ron Johnson – God Gave The Song
R-2282-LPS Jim And Sandi Sheridan – From Our Home To Yours
R-2286-LPS Stephen & Theresa Wright – We’ve Come This Far By Faith
R-2288-LPS The Gospel Harbingers -Living In Canaan
R-2289-LPS Mike Lee – For Once In My Life
R-2290-LPS Wes Graham – God Gave The Song
R-2291-LPS Devon Hamilton – Favorite Hymns
R-2292-LPS Tony Gonzales – To All My Friends
R-2294-LPS Winky Foote – Say I Do
R-2296-LPS Danny Sinacori – It’s A Great Day  
R-2297-LPS Jerry Barnard – Most Requested Hymns
R-2298-LPS Rick McKnight – Free Indeed!  
R-2299-LPS Skip Fletcher – God’s My Captain
R-2303-LPS Donna Abel  – Praise His Name
R-2304-LPS Bill Robinson – Makes A Joyful Noise
R-2305-LPS Dan & Nancy Crouch – In Love With Him
R-2308-LPS Tim Bennett – I Am A Miracle
R-2309-LPS Bob Orme – Jesus, He Is The Son Of God
R-2310-LPS Keith Johnson –  More About Jesus
R-2311-LPS Jacksonville College Choir And Wind Enable 
R-2313-LPS Pastor Pickin’ – Erick 
R-2314-LPS Ed And Joannie Wingfield – Sharing Gifts From Above
R-2315-LPS Denny Strand – Gentle Spirit  
R-2316-LPS Renee Greenidge – Renee
R-2317-LPS Jeannette Haken – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
R-2318-LPS Bob Schroeder – Calm Assurance
R-2320-LPS Paul And Cynthia – Walking On Water
R-2321-LPS Eddie Piper – Eddie
R-2322-LPS Tami Jo Whitmire – Tami Jo Sings The Gospel
R-2323-LPS Marv Martin – Tell Them
R-2325-LPS J.P. Jones – Only Jesus Can Satisfy
R-2326-LPS June Wood – His Way
R-2329-LPS David & Philis – David & Philis
R-2330-LPS The Barnards – The Barnards
R-2331-LPS The Willmons – Dedicated To You
R-2332-LPS The Pattons Are The Crimson Bridge – Love Without End
R-2333-LPS The Gospel Harbingers – Family Style
R-2334-LPS Mildred Wynette – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2335-LPS Gary Lemberg – Paid In Full 
R-2343-LPS Marvin Harris – Christ Means More To Me
R-2347-LPS Bob Reed – Bob Reed Sings Thank You Lord
R-2349-LPS Bill Warren – He Paid The Debt
R-2350-LPS Marty Clancy – Total Gospel
R-2351-LPS Thomas Dubose – At The Name Of Jesus
R-2352-LPS Arnie Derksen – Because He Lives
R-2353-LPS Tom Wells – Tom Wells
R-2354-LPS Tisha Todd – I Feel So Good About It
R-2355-LPS Mobberly Avenue Baptist Church Adult Choir – More About Jesus
R-2356 LPS Bob And Vicki Bynum – Feelin’ At Home
R-2357-LPS Bob Spears – To God Be The Glory
R-2358-LPS Mike Trenton – Let Them Know
R-2360-LPS Mel Wilkins – One Day At A Time
R-2362-LPS Anthony Sazera – Let Them Know
R-2364-LPS Kay Gilbert – I’d Trade A Lifetime
R-2365-LPS Twyla Smith Brianne – Love It Comes In All Colors
R-2366-LPS Kim Russell – Thank You Lord   
R-2367-LPS Chuck Clopine – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2372-LPS Hugh And Carole Yarbrough – Up Town Gospel
R-2373-LPS Carl Barnaby ‎– Presents Songs Of Salvation
R-2374-LPS The Robert Keith Singers – Learning To Lean
R-2376-LPS Fred Doerge – Rise Again
R-2379-LPS Joe McGann – Because He Lives
R-2381-LPS Jerry Weatherby – I’ll Rise Again
R-2382-LPS Dianne Nanke ‎– Dianna Nanke
R-2383-LPS Jack Cannada – Just Feelin’ Good
R-2384-LPS Clif Phillips – One Day at A Time
R-2385-LPS Barbara Dewey – Whatever It Takes
R-2387-LPS Ted Davis – It’s My Desire
R-2389-LPS The Gospelaires – He Showed Me The Way
R-2394-LPS Dan Bartkow – All About Jesus
R-2396-LPS Char Barnes – To God Be The Glory
R-2398-LPS Paul And Eula Johnson – Let Me Touch Him
R-2399-LPS Maria Tolbert – Jesus Loves Me
R-2400-LPS The Christian Sons – We’re Going Up That Way
R-2401-LPS The Messengers – Songs With A Message
R-2402-LPS The Maranatha Repertoire Company ‎– Yours In Christ
R-2403-LPS Larry Pyle – It’s My Desire
R-2404-LPS Jim And Marcia Maldonado – In Love With Jesus
R-2405-LPS Eric Blankenship – Let Me Be There
R-2406-LPS Jorge Martinez – El Pueblo De Dios O Povo De Dios
R-2407-LPS Judy Tucker – Hello Jesus
R-2409-LPS Gary Holder – Whatever It Takes
R-2411 Gale And Glenda Kuns – I’d Rather Have Jesus
R-2412-LPS Rusty Coffey – Let Them Know
R-2413-LPS The Phipps Family – The Answer To It All
R-2414-LPS Beverly Massegee – Sweet Hour Of Prayer
R-2416-LPS Eddie Piper – Blessed Assurance
R-2417-LPS Tony Gonzales – Rise Again
R-2424-LPS Tim Chriestenson – Thank you, Jesus….Love Tim
R-2426-LPS Marsha Betts – Come To The Waters
R-2427-LPS Dennis Spencer – You’ve Got The Power
R-2430-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – The Dick Anthony Family Album
R-2431-LPS Char Barnes – It Gets Sweeter
R-2433-LPS Jim McKnight – It Is Written
R-2434-LPS Julie Warren – Jesus is My Melody
R-2435-LPS Mike & Hallie – Together
R-2436-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – The Dick Anthony Family
R-2439-LPS The Solid Rock – Greater Is He
R-2440-LPS Gary Ellis – Something Good Is About To Happen
R-2442-LPS The Joyful Noise Makers – The Noise Keeps Gettin’ Joyfuller
R-2443-LPS Rick Sundblad ‎– Rejoicing With Rick
R-2444-LPS Galen Setser – He’s Coming
R-2446-LPS Mike Trenton – Daybreak
R-2447-LPS Joe Jones – It’s My Desire
R-2448-LPS Ken McWain – One Day At A Time
R-2449-LPS Jacque Jordan – We Are Like Children
R-2451-LPS Dick Smith – Sings A Little Bit Of Heaven
R-2452-LPS Bob Minnis – Looking For Jesus
R-2458-LPS Twyla Brianne Smith – Twyla Brianne Smith
R-2461-LPS Bill Harrell – To Be Used By God
R-2462-LPS Kent Bowden – My Song, In The Key Of God    
R-2463-LPS Joe Howard – I’ll See You In The Rapture
R-2465-LPS Steve McCraw – Calm Assurance
R-2466-LPS Sarah Jo Franklin – Sarah
R-2467-LPS Carol Tate – Carol
R-2470-LPS Jim Kenniv – I Lost It All To Find Everything
R-2472-LPS The John Martins – Singing For Jesus
R-2473-LPS The Lupfers – The Lupfers
R-2475-LPS David & Amy – Break Forth Into Joy
R-2477-LPS Price Harris – Memories
R-2478-LPS Al Crocker – There Is A River
R-2480-LPS Duane Truitt – Let Them Know
R-2481-LPS Ron Britt – God Walks The Dark Hills
R-2482-LPS Lenee & Bob – Awake O’ Christian
R-2484-LPS Beverly Massegee – Suddenly The Light
R-2486-LPS Jo Ellen Place – My Tribute
R-2487-LPS Dennis Bliss – Moments Of Bliss
R-2488-LPS Bill Russell – Don’t You Think It Gets Sweeter
R-2492-LPS Jerry & Sandi – I’ll See You In The Rapture
R-2493-LPS Owen Anderson – Sheltered In The Arms Of God
R-2494-LPS Jerry Weatherby ‎– Born Again
R-2495-LPS Dave Bussey – Music To Live By
R-2496-LPS Sounds Of Faith – And I Cry Jesus
R-2497-LPS David Watson – Sincerely, David Watson
R-2498-LPS Gerri Gaston – He Will Provide
R-2500-LPS Jim Wellborn – Wellborn Again!!!
R-2501-LPS Doug Hullum with Brenda & Doug Jr – Country Gospel 
R-2502-LPS George Cavanan – One Day At A Time
R-2505-LPS Vernon & Ruth Ann Dean – It’s Our Desire
R-2506-LPS The Merits – A Brand New Touch
R-2511-LPS Harold Akin ‎– Sounds Of Light
R-2512-LPS Connie Allen Lytle ‎– Connie
R-2513-LPS Emissaries – Better Way
R-2514-LPS Mary Betts –  I Have Returned
R-2515-LPS Marsha Betts – Amazing Grace
R-2517-LPS Eddie Piper – How Great Thou Art
R-2518-LPS Bob Robinson – Let Them Know
R-2519-LPS Sue Stoope – Only One Life
R-2520-LPS Jan Smith – Lord, I’m Coming Home
R-2521-LPS Renée Madewell – Renée 
R-2522-LPS The Singing Mirelez Family – Cristo Cuanto Te Amo
R-2524-LPS Randy Miller – Jesus Is Still The Answer
R-2526-LPS Harvey And Judy Yocum – Mended Souls
R-2527-LPS John Bersche ‎– To Him With Praise
R-2528-LPS Sam & Donna Woods And Donna Bohannon – Come Unto Jesus
R-2530-LPS Dick And Diane Connor – Whatever It Takes
R-2531-LPS The Joyaires – Harvest Time
R-2532-LPS Char Barnes – A Heart Full Of Love
R-2535-LPS Glenys McDonald – As Unto The Lord
R-2538-LPS Donna Neal – He Was There All The Time
R-2542-LPS Guy And Barbara Kinney – Hallelujah, Praise The Lord
R-2543-LPS Full Life Ministries Featuring Shirley Rasmussen –  Jesus Says Follow Me
R-2544-LPS Gary Karoly – Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop
R-2545-LPS Bob & Donna Sue Berry – Feeling At Home
R-2546-LPS Charlie & Yvette Day – I Will Sing Unto The Lord
R-2549-LPS Bill Ross – How Can I Say Thanks
R-2550-LPS Gary Lemberg – Wanting More
R-2551-LPS Winky Foote – Learning To Lean
R-2552-LPS The Believers – Come Unto Jesus
R-2554-LPS Harry Crawford – Whatever It Takes
R-2556-LPS Louis Redd – Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
R-2557-LPS Jerre Burden – Personal Experience
R-2559-LPS The Blossers – Come Let’s Lift Up The Lord
R-2560-LPS Andy Bellows – Counted As Gold
R-2562-LPS Alan Celoria – How Great Thou Art
R-2563-LPS Bob Etters – Rise Again
R-2566-LPS Rose – Let Me Have A Dream
R-2568-LPS John Bowling – Reflection
R-2569-LPS Marvin Harris – God’s Amazing Grace
R-2570-LPS Milo Herrick – Milo Herrick
R-2574-LPS Heartfelt Praise – Song Of David
R-2575-LPS Jo Maddox ‎– He Was There All The Time
R-2577-LPS The Morales Sisters – The Morales Sisters
R-2578-LPS Duane Peterson – Tell Them
R-2579-LPS Susan Evanoff – Susan
R-2581-LPS Bo Deaton – Step Into The Sunshine
R-2582-LPS John Burke ‎– His Song
R-2583-LPS Linda Van Brunt – Whatever It Takes
R-2584-LPS Kevin McWain – Head Over Heals
R-2585-LPS South Jefferson Baptist Church – Heirs Of Redemption
R-2586-LPS Dave Ruiz – It’s My Desire
R-2587-LPS The Westernaries – Warm Family Feelings
R-2589-LPS Paul Laidlaw – Paul Laidlaw
R-2590-LPS Gary Valentine – He Was There All The Time
R-2591-LPS Jimmy Snelen – It’s My Desire
R-2592-LPS Johnny Speedling – With My Song Will I Praise Him
R-2593-LPS Stephanie Bashlor & David Cowart – God Be The Glory
R-2594-LPS Janis Russell – My Kind Of Country
R-2597-LPS Branham Dove – Little Boy From The Carpenter Shop
R-2598-LPS Lela Mayfield – He Touched Me
R-2599-LPS Lenn Roberts – Born Again
R-2600-LPS Jim Barlow  – More To Come
R-2601-LPS Mildred Wynette – I Am Loved
R-2602-LPS David And Timorah – Peace
R-2603-LPS Donna Abel – Jesus Is The CornerStone
R-2604-LPS Mildred Wynette – One Day At A Time
R-2605-LPS The Oak Cliff Choir Of Dallas – Sharing Jesus With Others
R-2607-LPS Lonny Bingle – My Little World
R-2609-LPS The Erwins – Homeward Bounds
R-2610-LPS Sister Gillentine – Stand By Me
R-2612-LPS Mike & Hallie – Praise The Lord
R-2613-LPS Jay Cue – First Time Out
R-2614-LPS Vernon & Ruth Ann Dean – More…
R-2615-LPS Grace Baptist Church Presents… The Sounds of Grace
R-2617-LPS Fred Doerge – I Am Loved
R-2621-LPS Larry McFadden – How Great Thou Art
R-2622-LPS Connie Reed – Joy Comes In The Morning
R-2623-LPS Gail McWilliams – Give Him Thanks
R-2624-LPS Terry Phillips – My House Is Full
R-2626-LPS John And Vicky Bennett – Sing Gaither
R-2627-LPS Mickey Mangun – Mickey Mangun
R-2628-LPS David Russell – Fiddlin’ Old & New Rainbow 
R-2630-LPS Doug And Judy – I Am Loved
R-2631-LPS James Wright – Tell Them
R-2633-LPS Doug Hullum – Testimonial Highlights And Songs
R-2634-LPS Jubilee Choir, Central Assembly of God, Austin TX – God’s Wonderful People
R-2636-LPS Cynthia Smith – Something Good
R-2637-LPS Doug Hullum – Crossed The Separating Line
R-2639-LPS The Bernards – The Bernards
R-2642-LPS Dave Decker – Step Into The Sonshine
R-2644-LPS Diane Hull – More Of You
R-2645-LPS True Life Singers – Amazing Grace…Thank You Lord
R-2646-LPS Phil Mendito – Feelin’ At Home
R-2647-LPS Char Barnes – Char
R-2651-LPS The Dick Anthony Family – Instruments Of Praise
R-2652-LPS Lee Castro – All In The Name Of Jesus
R-2654-LPS Earl McMilin – The Word In My Life
R-2657-LPS Don Bounds – It Began With Love
R-2658-LPS Don Nixon – God Gave The Song
R-2659-LPS Eddie Piper – Five Rows Back
R-2660-LPS Terry Veazey And Darby Worrell – Praise The Lord
R-2662-LPS Paul Halbert – It Wouldn’t Be Enough
R-2665-LPS Jacque McDonald – Jacque
R-2670-LPS Rusty Coffey – Traditional / Contemporary
R-2673-LPS Charlie Geller – Catch A Ride In The Wind
R-2675-LPS Pamela Galati – Pure Honey
R-2676-LPS John Bersche – Finally Home
R-2678-LPS Czech Harvesters – A Gathering Of Favorites
R-2679-LPS Bill Wagner – Love Comin’ Down
R-2680-LPS Eddie Ranne – Jesus On My Mind
R-2682-LPS Don Reasons – Don Reasons
R-2684-LPS Mike Trenton – Highest Praise
R-2686-LPS The A. Hugh Graham Singers – Spirit Of The Living God
R-2687-LPS Jim Wellborn – Special Delivery
R-2688-LPS Terry Bowman – I Just Want To Praise You
R-2690-LPS Jim Gerber – Jesus Is Everybody’s Everything
R-2695-LPS Jack Courtney – Memories And Meditations On The Old Violin
R-2696-LPS Mike Goucher – Mike Goucher
R-2698-LPS Christian Life Cathedral – Sing God’s Children, Sing!
R-2700-LPS Judy Doyle – My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
R-2701-LPS Peter John – Peter John’s Gospel Favorites
R-2702-LPS Dallas Christian College ~ Dallas Christian College Concert Choir
R-2705-LPS Dwayne & Susan Stone – He’s Coming Back
R-2708-LPS Bob Thompson – Jesus Means All The World To Me
R-2709-LPS Owen Anderson – He’s Alive
R-2710-LPS Louis Redd – Jesus On My Mind
R-2711-LPS Mountaintop – Prayer To Cry
R-2712-LPS Ken Wesson – Ken Wesson
R-2715-LPS Bethesda Community Choir And Orchestra – Majesty
R-2716-LPS David Russell ‎– Fiddlin’ You Asked Me For
R-2718-LPS Glen Valuet – Whatever It Takes
R-2719-LPS Diana Schindler – In His Image
R-2721-LPS Kingmen – Somebody Loves Me
R-2723-LPS Pablo Hinojos – Es Mi Deseo
R-2724-LPS James Garrett – True Love
R-2725-LPS Archie Dennis Jr. – Archie Dennis Jr.
R-2726-LPS Gladys Boquist – Feelin At Home
R-2727-LPS Boyd Bennett – It Gets Sweeter
R-2731-LPS Marcia Gehris – Whatever It Takes
R-2732-LPS Phyllis – Beautiful Rose Of Sharon
R-2736-LPS Rural Federation of Choirs, Terrell, Texas – My Loved Ones Are Waiting
R-2737-LPS Marv Fuller – Jesus Im My Melody
R-2738-LPS Ron Britt ‎– Rise Again
R-2739-LPS Eddie Piper – Highest Praise
R-2742-LPS David Stewart – It Is Well
R-2743-LPS Hank Bowker – Bigger Than Any Mountain
R-2744-LPS Jim Sunderwirth – In His Arms
R-2747-LPS Earl McMilin – The King Is Coming
R-2749-LPS True Life Singers – Heaven Came Down
R-2752-LPS Pamela Galati – Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter
R-2753-LPS Mike Goucher – Seeking For Me
R-2756-LPS Char Barnes – Home For Christmas
R-2757-LPS Jerre Burden – Personal Experience
R-2761-LPS Mark Cole ‎– One Day At A Time
R-2763-LPS Paul Wynia – My House Is Full
R-2764-LPS Shiryl Stanfield – Brand New Touch
R-2765-LPS The Berry Family – Singing His Songs
R-2767-LPS W. Earl Stovall – Whatever It Takes
R-2768-LPS Dallas Christian College ‎– Send Me
R-2770-LPS Johnny Ray Watson – It’s Beginning To Rain
R-2771-LPS Wes Cronk – Oasis Of Love
R-2775-LPS Frank Gorsline – Whatever It Takes
R-2776-LPS Brenda Lynn – I Thank You Lord
R-2777-LPS Shirley Rasmussen – In His Presence
R-2778-LPS Cynthia Smith -Free At Last
R-2779-LPS Frances Jordan – Born Again Believer
R-2784-LPS Richard Page ‎– Highest Praise
R-2786-LPS Margi Galloway – Let Me Have A Dream
R-2788-LPS Mickey Roper ‎– A New Song
R-2791-LPS Eldon Reich – Sing On His Praise
R-2793-LPS Don Biggerstaff – How Great Thou Art
R-2797-LPS Marion Felton – He’s Alive
R-2802-LPS John Peper – Special Delivery
R-2807-LPS Rusty Coffey – The Highest Praise
R-2808-LPS Marcia Gehris – Through The Eyes Of Love
R-2813-LPS Lois – Because of Whose I Am
R-2815-LPS The Erwins – One More Night With Frogs
R-2817-LPS The Gospel Singing Westernaries – We Are So Blessed
R-2821-LPS Kyle Hargrove – You Gave Me Love
R-2830-LPS Jean Eudaly – Great Is The Lord
R-2832-LPS Joanna Lee – Like A Child
R-2834-LPS Ron Kenoly – You Ought To Listen To This
R-2835-LPS Darby – We Shall Behold Him
R-2836-LPS Sam Justice – Come To The Water
RR-3045-LPD Charles Massegee – Smile, Just For Fun
R-3600-LPS Juan Romero Con Los Galileos – Alborada
R-3700-L.P.D. Jim Aggie – How Can You Tell An Aggie
R-5000-LPS Galileans – Plenty Of Time
R-5001-LPS Francine Morrison – Sweet Sweet Spirit
R-5002-LPS The Singing Wards – In Convert
R-5003-LPS Gary McSpadden – 2 Sides Of God’s World
R-5004-LPS Bob Cline & The Bob Cline Singers – Something To Believe In
R-5005-LPS The Amigos– One Day Too Late
R-5006-LPS The Brothers “B” ‎– … I Made That Up
R-5007-LPS Francine Morrison – Standing On The Promise
R-5008-LPS Bette Stalnecker – Christmas
R-5009-LPS Lulu Roman-Smith – Now Let Me Sing
R-5010-LPS Lulu Roman – Personal Testimony of Lulu Roman
R-5011-LPS Gary McSpadden & Bob Cline – Something Old Something New
R-5012-LPS Bob and Melva Jo Lea Cline and the Bob Cline Singers – Christmas Time
R-5013-LPS Robert De La Torre – Joy In The Morning
R-5014-LPS The Bill Morris Singers – Descriptions
R-5016-LPS Sue Chenault Dodge – Sue Chenault Dodge
R-5017-LPS Francine Morrison – Rise And Be Healed
R-5018-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Mama’s Favorite Hymns
R-5019-LPS Bob Cline – He’s Coming
R-5020-LPS Jim Tucker – Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul
R-5022-LPS Bob Wills – God Gave The Song  
R-5023-LPS Gary McSpadden – Helleluja Maranatha
R-5024-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Some Old Songs
R-5025-LPS Amigos – Sinceramente Your Amigos
R-5026-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Jesus How I Love You
R-5027-LPS Lu Lu – One Day At A Time
R-5029-LPS Jim Wesson ‎– Calm Assurance
R-5030-LPS Patsy Sewell – At The Name Of Jesus
R-5031-LPS Darla Morgan – Little Country Church
R-5033-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Whatever It Takes
R-5034-LPS Dick Anthony – Sweet, Sweet Spirit
R-5035-LPS Paul Jackson – Let Them Know More
R-5036-LPS The Bob Cline Singers – Hallelujah Maranatha 
R-5037-LPS Lulu Roman – Love Comin’ Down
R-5038-LPS Theta Hall – Theta
R-5039-LPS Gary McSpadden – Unique  
R-5040-LPS Renée Morris – Sacred Songs
R-5041-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Jesus Is The Rock
R-5042-LPS Bob Cline And Jim Wesson – Gospel Classics Of The Decade
R-5043-LPS Jim Wesson – Country Gospel
R-5044-LPS Wanda Phillips – All His Love
R-5045-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – He Was There All The Time
R-5046-LPS Von Lombard – Take It To Jesus
R-5047-LPS Kim Russell – Kim Russell
R-5048-LPS Jim Wesson – New Kind Of Music
R-5049-LPS Jerry Wayne Bernard – Jesus Means The World To Me
R-5050-LPS J.C. Hibbard, Sr – Who Put The Color In The Rose  
R-5051-LPS Becky Fender – Becky
R-5051-LPS Becky Fender – Peace In The Midst Of The Storm
R-5052-LPS The Bill Morris Singers – The Bill Morris Singers Live In Concert
R-5053-LPS Lu Lu Roman – Lu Lu Sings For Her Friends
R-5054-LPS Maurice Anderson – The Universal Direction
R-5055-LPS Jim Wesson – Jesus Is Everybody’s Everything
R-5056-LPS Theta Hall – Everything I Do
R-5057-LPS Jerry Wayne – Jerry Wayne
R-5058-LPS Becky Fender – If You Need A Touch
R-5059-LPS The Shoppe – Tryin’ To Get It Straight
R-5060-LPS The Shoppe – The Shoppe Live
R-5061-LPS Jack Price – Loud And Clear
R-5062-LPS Bobby James – All I Needed Was A Miracle
R-5063-LPS Jerry Wayne – A Velvet Touch
R-5064-LPS Becky Fender – Heaven’s City Limits
R-5065-LPS Bob Thompson – Each One Reach One
R-5066-LPS Jeanne Rogers – A Light Shining Forth
R-5067-LPS Lonnie Parsons – Behold The Lamb
R-5069-LPS Soul Liberation – Who Are You
R-5070-LPS Rhonda Robison – I Hear Music
R-5071-LPS Bob Thompson – What You’ve Done For Me
R-5072-LPS Jeanne Rogers – Jehovah
R-6061-LPS J. Daniel Smith – Rainbow Soundtrack Package  #36


R-2001-EP Charles Massegee – Just For Fun
RR-3002 The Visions ‎– It’s You I Love / It’s Been A Long Winter
RR-3005 Norva Gray – Kicking The Blues / Sam’s Song 
R-3400 Pat Bobbitt – Don’t Deny/Tonight
RR-4000 The Christopher Hayes Movement ‎– Tribute To Jimi / Crystal Mirror
R-5000-SP Mike Gilschrist – Discovery EP
R-5027-45 Lulu Roman – One Day At A Time/Come On Down
R-6000-X Bill Green – Champion Bourbon / I Ain’t Got No Worries
R-7000-MLP Candy Mix – Package No. 13
R-8002 Howard Lovette – God’s Wonderful People
R-8012-45-LPS Lulu Roman– Lulu’s Testimony/Love Lifted Me/LuLu’s Christian Radio Promo
R-8015-45-LPS Lulu Roman – How Would I Know
R-8017-45-LPS The Shoppe – Three Way Love/Livin’ In Your Lovin
R-8019-45-LPS The Shoppe – Three Way Love / Three Way Love
R-8020-45-LPS David Russell ‎– Sweetheart Schottische / Cotton Eyed Joe
R-8021-45-LPS Becky Fender – Livin’ My Life For You / The Solitary Road
R-8022-45-LPS The Shoppe – Star Studded Night/The South’s Gonna Rise Again
R-8100 Soul Liberation – Who Are You / Blessed
C-4000-X-1 Los Galileos – Cordero/Te Vengo A Decir




Sounds Of His Coming – Sounds Of His Coming
Ron Hammonds – He Touched Me
The Solid Rock – Part The Waters
Delbert Vest – Amazing Grace How Can It Be
The Solid Rock – Jesus Is My Music
Wayne Rapier – Wayne Rapier’s Testimony
Lamesa High School – Presents Newsong
George Cavanah – One Day At A Time
Truett L Huffstutler – Songs Of Wonderful Peace
Dan Dunagan – God Loves You And I Love You
Evelyn Forester – Perfect Peace: An Organ Concert
The Solid Rock – The Church Triumphant… Alive And Well
Charlotte Wilson – Charlotte Wilson
Andrea Halliburton – Soli Deo Gloria
Benny And Patricia – Just Him And Us
Sandra And Melissa Bates – Consider The Lilies
Los Gentiles – El Hombre Vive Triste
Jerry Burns – Heartfelt
Darla Morgan – Keep Looking Up
Boyd Bennett – Step Into The Sunshine
The Tysons – Born Again